VS Liget


Dear Visitor! Our company since 1997, operated under the name VS TORONY KFT. , we changed our name, so currently VS LIGET KFT. our old and future guests and partners will find us. We operate in 2 main sectors, the construction industry and tourism and hospitality. We have been working in the construction industry for 40 years, so we can show a lot of professional experience. We have many reference works in the area. Be it paving, facade thermal insulation, turnkey construction of buildings, or building permits, construction and static planning, we are at your disposal! In 2000, the current Holiday Park in Fonyód-liget became the property of the company, which opened its doors in 2001 after 1 year of repair and renovation works. Since then, we have been constantly striving to improve quality. In the first week of May 2013, the Zöldkert Vendéglő was opened within the Üdülőpark, where we offer menu and a la carte meals to the resort guests and everyone else. The restaurant with nearly 100 seats is located in a quiet place surrounded by trees and greenery. In 2017, we added an event tent for 200 people, which made it possible to hold larger events. (weddings, graduation, birthday, anniversary, etc.) In December 2019, another investment was made with the help of a tender, our newest rooms were completed. The innovation of the year 2023 will be the sauna and jacuzzi, which can further raise the standard. We look forward to seeing you too! VS LIGET KFT.